Satyam Sharma, a student of Delhi’s Muni International School, has won the second place in the National Olympiad exam competition for the year 2018-19 and has brought glory to the school and his parents. The school administration and the guardians were pleased with the achievement of their first standard student, Satyam and wished him a bright future.
On this occasion, the school founder Dr. Ashok Kumar Thakur gave a hearty welcome to Satyam Sharma saying that it is a matter of pride for us that the student was selected for the award. He said that all the teachers who guided Satyam in reaching this point deserved to be congratulated as well. Shri Thakur said that the achievement of students is the proof of our success.
On receiving the second position in the National Olympiad competition, Satyam’s father, Rajaram Sharma, while expressing his happiness, said that “Satyam’s success is due to the tireless hard work of  teachers of Muni International School. I thank the school for this”.
The school Principal, Mrs. Seema Sharma said that Satyam, who received second place in the National Olympiad competition, will be honored with a reward of 15 thousand rupees, a trophy and a certificate in a program to be held in Delhi on May 4th 2019.

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