New Delhi – Habibawho is from Morocco on a visit to India is exploring inclusive and educational models in different countries. She has been visiting many schools in India who are working towards changing the face of education.

She found her interaction with Dr Ashok Kumar Thakur the founder of MIS very interesting. She was able to understand the philosophy and the approach of MIS and expressed that she found it very different from main stream schools.

She was really surprised and impressed particularly by the behaviour of the students. The students gave her a live presentation of the school by taking her on a tour around the school.They expressed how they felt about their school. She mentioned that she really noticed that the students of the school were leaders in their own right.

She also expressed that they really understood what they were learning through different approaches and pedagogies. This helps them to understand what happens in their real life and in their environment and she excitedly mentions that she feels the students are really enjoying their learning journey and they are getting ready to face the 21st century challenges.

She went on to say that from her entire travel around India, Muni International School was one of the schools that really impressed her. She said that she could easily see that the people atMIS had done deep work on the philosophy, the role of education and quality of education.

When asked what difference she noticed between the MIS education methodologies and others she mentioned that she has been visiting specific schools in India which are both innovative and inclusive. She noticed that either the school was inclusive which meant that they were affordable to everyone or innovative which meant questioning what education is. She said what is really specific about Muni International School is that they had both.

She felt that the school is inclusive in the sense that it is affordable to the middle income society. So it is affordable and accessible to everyone. It is not a high end or a high income school and at the same time it is innovative, which means questioning education and seeing education from a different perspective. This she felt was the key strength of MIS from her point of view.

She said that usually one finds innovative schools very expensive, those which are using digital tools ,iPAD’s etc. and are not affordable to everyone. So she was impressed by the fact that MIS was affordable and innovative at the same time.

The second thing that impressed her was the idea that MIS was preparing its students to become global citizens. She noticed that at MIS students could choose to learn a foreign language after 5th grade like Spanish, French, Arabic or German. She saidit is very important in today’s society to be open minded and to be a global citizen.

The third important thing she felt was preparing students for the 21st century challenges by means of various activities not limited to just academics but at the same time helping students to develop their own skills. Activities at MIS such as those on health and wellbeing as well as drama and others would help students to understand what they are passionate about.

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