New Delhi – Nigerian delegates visited the school to learn the innovations made by Muni International School in the field of education. Visitors from India and abroad frequently visit Muni International School (MIS) located at Mohan Garden, Delhi. On 17th January, Nigerian visitors along with Gray-Matters Capital (GMC) representatives Jayshree Shankar and Shradha Jha made a special visit to understand Muni School methodology.
Nigerian visitors mainly include the Edfin MFB, Nigeria’s MD / CEO, Bunmi Lawson, Head Sales Adedayo Adewale. Jayashree Shankar from GMC and Independent GMC Consultant Shraddha Jha also participated in this visit.
The main purpose of the visit to Muni School by the Nigerian visitors was to understand education patterns implemented in different countries.
During the visitthey deeply understood the teaching and training method implemented at Muni School.
They understood from the school founder Dr. Ashok Kumar Thakur the innovations done in the education sector and the impact they had on students. In order to understand the teaching model of the school they also visited different classrooms and met students and teachers.
Nigerian delegates who visited the meeting said that they had never seen in any other school the kind of work being done by Muni International School. They experienced that every activity of students of the schoolwas impressive, be it the manner in which the students spoke, their style of sitting in class rooms, or their way of explainingthings to somebody. Apart from this, every student here is full of confidence. The Nigerian representatives were very impressed by seeing Muni School’s education model in action.
Prior to this, the delegates visiting from Nigeria were welcomed in a traditional manner in the school. The schoolchildren welcomed everyone with splendid presentation of songs including the welcome song. Their performance won the hearts of the visitors.

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