Teaching Methodology:

Parliamentary system in the classroom/School: The main aim and objective is to inculcate in the students self-descipline and develop skills like leadership, teamwork, decision making, art of negotiation, conflict resolution, understanding one’s political rights, duties and systems. All these together help run a class and school in a democratic ay with full transparency, thusbuilding mutual respect and for peers, teachers and management, in a joyful atmosphere. This system makes sure each and every student/staff gets justice and a voice.
Eklavya System: It is the way to innovate. Eklavya System encourages students to create something new on the base of received knowledge with future extension.
Guided Discovery, UPLC In 2007- Preparing for self reliance- The country or society will become strong only when every citizen is self reliant then only there will be no insecurities means no shoshan, vishwasghat and war type of crime. We are preparing our children for self-reliance. The idea behind Guided Discovery is that children could and should be inventor of their own theories, critics of other people;s ideas, analyzers of evidence and makers of their own personal Marks on this most complex world in an idea with revolutionary implication. (UPLC i the way of self- study)
Bully-free Classroom: Bully free class means zero tolerance policy. Put simply, it means that no student can pressurize any other student in the class for any reason. By promoting harmonious atmosphere, we aim to make weak students feel part of the class and not feel isolated. The aim to promote equality in the classroom and school among all students. Overbearing students will be counselled to make their behavior acceptable. This will go a long way in making them better citizens as adults.
Language Learning & HADS
Our students being from under privileged classes of society lack a supportive atmosphere at home and therefore are unable to speak English. To counter this problem we have facilitated the learning of not only spoken English but even international languages like Japanese, Chinese, Arabic and French, with the result that all our students fluently speak English and at least one foreign language.
Another interesting and innovative idea was introduced in 2003 to further help our students understand English language more easily. In this system we have evolved Hindi version and English version formulas it is simple to follow and easy to imbibe … specially in the initial stage
HADS – Handwriting is the reflection of our personality so we have designed a unique method for improving handwriting known as HADS in 2001 and till day has proved effective.
Examination Pattern: Rather than having students competing with each other, we evolved the system of AM I ABLE? in 2010. This system enables each student to do self-analysis and self-evaluation thereby competing with his/her own self. This system inculcates self-discipline, and motivates them thus making them responsible for their own growth and development.
Aptitude and Intelligence Based System: For every student our team of experts formulate syllabus depending upon the students Aptitude and intelligence.